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Let go to grow

That point when I let it all go, I surrender with love, I am free and at peace. 

It was a hard journey and I was always held by love along the way, for that and to those that held me I am grateful.  To my inner self I am grateful for my courage, strength and love to know when to push through and stay the course, to believe in miracles, presence and the power of love.

Peaceful Heart

In the misty morning I see me there A reflection in the cool winter air I’m smiling, calm and full of grace and living life at my own pace

The light of love bursts from my heart My hazel eyes softened by my past They see my whimsy and creative flare The winter breeze dancing through my hair

A butterfly I have now emerged This incredibly brilliant Phoenix bird My inner wild set free to roam And inner peace my new found home

I take a sip from my warm cacao And grin with cheeky energy now The vision of my new reflection My peaceful heart and new direction

There’s nothing that I cannot do Just one thing that I now hold true The miracle energy of self love Can heal and transform a broken heart

Always Love, Love Always

Tina ♥

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