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Connection, Compassion and Time

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Disconnected in a connected world.

Photo care of the genius that is Chris Masternack

We live in such a disconnected world, ironic given how connected we are through technology but there in lies the problem.

“We are so distracted by the noise of texts and Facebook posts that we have forgotten what it means to spend time with someone, hold their hand give them a hug and get to know them..”

When I ask you to come over and I'll cook for you, or come over and we'll have a tea wether your a man or a woman, attached or unattached, it's because I want to spend time with you. I think giving someone your time is the most generous thing you can do and when someone gives you their time freely, take it, it's a gift and who doesn't like getting gifts..


I’m stronger than you think I’m beautiful and smart My armour’s not so thick So be careful with my heart

I’ve battled with the best I’ve loved and lost a few At times my will you’ll test And find a stubborn mule

Your words will harm for sure but forgiveness is my shield And love the only sword I draw When it’s sarcasm you yield

A fighter I will always be Persistence my middle name With wisdom and vulnerability I ride the purpose train

Sometimes I may be weary Sometimes I may need your light For you to hold me dearly Give me a rest from this fight

Love Always, Always Love

Tina ♥

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