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Bring intentions into your life

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

So, intentions… Someone asked me a few days ago if I set resolutions and the answer was a loud HELL NO!

He looked at me a little perplexed and asked, “Why Not?”. So, here is why not! Intentions are way more powerful than resolutions and they don’t come with the heaps of guilt we put on ourselves. Especially when we don’t meet our resolutions in the time frame and the way we expected. I find intentions come from the heart, they’re kinder whispers to the universe of your hearts desire.

“You don’t have to set a deadline or create a whole bunch of “doing”, you just start living your intentions, be in them and watch them manifest...”


Oh my soul, my soul, my soul This is where we’ll go this time great love we’ll come to know And graceful mountains we will climb

Oh my mind, my mind, my mind This is what we will believe That the heart and soul is aligned  That fear will not deceive

Oh my body, my body, my body We’ll nourish you with care  We’ll conquer the trails, my body We’ll tame the waters we share

Oh my body, mind and soul Ready? Let’s go 

Love Always, Always Love

Tina ♥

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